“Like many who start a workout regimen, I was not where I wanted to be physically.  I was always tired, I didn’t look good and most importantly, I didn’t feel good.  I had gained a lot of weight.  I was up to 225 pounds and on a 5’10” frame, that’s just not a good look.  Also like many others, I had joined a “normal” gym and went for a small time and simply quit going.  I dreaded every trip to the gym because I wasn’t being fulfilled.

Then in April of 2011 I visited Hub City Crossfit.  The first day I was only able to make it through half of the workout- it was brutal.  I talked myself into going back the next day, then the next, then another…. I told myself if I could just go 3 days a week then that’s all I would need to go.  Honestly, that probably is all I “need” to go, but I “want” to go every day (sometimes twice a day)…

..This is the effect that HCCF has on its patrons. I crave the workout, I crave the accomplishment, I crave the competition and most of all I crave the camaraderie.

I have lost approximately 35 pounds worth of fat and have gained a great amount of muscle as well.  I have lost 3 inches in my waste and feel good EVERY single day.  I can’t remember the last time I was tired during the day.  If you are looking for a fundamental change in your life – not just physically, come give HCCF a try.  You will look better, feel better and live better.  You will NOT regret this move.”

– Brad