Step 1

The Trial.

     We need you to get in here and take us for a spin! Are you ready to get going?! Come try us out for 5 workouts for only $5 and make sure we are right for you. Click here to jump to our schedule, find the class that works for you, create your account, and WABAAM! You’re all set for visit numero uno!

Step 2

The First Month.

     So you are addicted? Sweet! This is the healthiest addiction one can have! Your first month is $49. Plain and simple. This will be a small investment to make sure this is right for you. $49 gets you unlimited access to our gym for one month of crushing goals, making friends, and seeing what you’re made of! We can’t wait to show you what you are capable of!

Step 3

Join the Family.

     Okay, so you’ve tried us out for a month and got a feel for what we are about at HCCF. If you want to be a part of what we do we need to get you signed up on one of our monthly membership plans! Check out our pricing and get with a coach about which membership would be the best fit for you. No pressure. No contracts. Just training.