Before we get started…

…We know that CrossFit has a very well known reputation for being a program filled with“elitists.” You must be thinking,Ewww!” Well we have some great news! At Hub City CrossFit, we DON’T WANT these so called “elitists,” in fact, we require the opposite. Do not come into our facility and bring an attitude in the door… or we will push you right back out of it.
It is our goal at HCCF to provide EVERYONE with a great workout program that is designed to help you out in the real world. When we say everyone, we do mean everyone… ranging from college athletes to grandmothers with bad hips! After all, who couldn’t benefit from being healthier?

So how does CrossFit Work?

     At Hub City CrossFit, we practice one and only one form of movement. Functional. What on earth does this mean? Simply put, functional movements are a movement that serves some sort of real benefit to you. For example, if you were running from a thief and you found yourself in a dead end alley with a fence stopping you… are you going to use a biceps curl to get over that thing? Heck no! You are going to get over that fence with a pull-up. Pull-ups would be functional, biceps curls would not be. Another more extreme example (hopefully you are never faced with this)… Assume you are walking into the grocery store and out of nowhere a car wrecks into the store and ends up parked on a child. Are you going to slide yourself under that bad boy and bench press this car off the kid?! Not if your intelligent! You are going to deadlift with every ounce of your strength and save that kid’s life.
     Now that we have cleared up what functional is… let us describe the way in which we exercise functionally. We practice our functional moves at a high intensity. What is this nonsense? This means that your heart will be beating fast, you will be breathing hard, and you will most likely be sweating. Why?! Because life doesn’t take it easy on our bodies just because we don’t want to work hard. Consider this practicing for the end of the world. Plus, this kind of conditioning will make everything else you do in your line of work or daily activities a walk in the park.
     Ok, now what does the workout program look like? Do we do chest on Monday, back and bi’s on Tuesday, abs on Wednesday… or what? NO. Let us introduce the last element of “our philosophy.” This element is called constant variance. Great… more technical talk. Let’s simplify! With a tiny exception (<5% or so) we will NEVER REPEAT A WORKOUT! Say what?! That’s right, we are constantly varying what we do to keep our bodies guessing. The less of a routine our body gets in, the more generally useful our bodies will be.

...putting it all together, Hub City CrossFit practices constantly varied, functional movements at high-intensities.